is specialized in the sale of articles for creative hobbies. Discover our pens, brooches, charms, jewelry accessories, decorating stand (to be personalized) and many other items on the shop.

A large choice of creative leisure supplies await you on the shop, to make yourself your creations, decorations ... for an event (Christmas, Birthday, ...), for gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day ... or a personalized gift for the end of the school year (Mistress, Master, ATSEM)

Discover our sections:

Pen: discover the Pen for pearls (several colors are available on the shop)

refills pin: Discover the pins on the shop

charm: Discover the charms (school themes ...)

jewelry accessories: Discover ribbon, dividers, clasps

support to decorate: Discover paper cutter, bottle opener, christmas article, brand page

Cabochons: Discover support-cabochons, glass cabochons

Snap buttons: Discover snap buttons, snaps

Pearls: discover pearls for your creations in this category is an online store that offers many references at low prices.

Support-créativite selects for you a large selection of articles necessary for the creation, the decoration, the personalization, the customization for creators.

The online shop offers many references at low prices throughout the catalog.

With "Support-creativity - Give free rein to your creativity"

The delivery: We only deliver on Metropolitan France

Find your supplies on SUPPORT-CREATIVITE.COM, the online store with many references at a low price.